ifania® leather artist
Exquisite Handbags
 ifania® Clutches
Ifania Clutch
Ifania Wedding Clutch
Jeweled Papillion Bags
Ifania Papillion Bag
ifania® Equine Bags
Ifania Equine Handbag
Ifania Equine Handbag
ifania® Liberty Cuffs
Ifania Liberty Wrist Cuff
Ifania Wrist Cuff

Patents pending and various copyrights on the handbags and accessories, designs, patinas and colors.
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Ifania Wedding Clutch
ifania® Business & Travel Bags
Briefcase & Portfolio
Ifania Business & Travel Bag
ifania®  Bolo Trading Company® Collection
Ifania Bolo Trading Handbag


ifania® leather artist

Bags Handcrafted With Elegant & Exotic Leathers

Luxurious Leather Linings . Luminous Jewels . Vintage Bolos

ifania® Heritage Bags
Ifania Heritage Bag
Ifania Heritage Quill Bag
ifania® Liberty Belts
Ifania Butterfly Belt
ifania® leather artist