ifania® leather artist

    Stephanie Ifania Landry, who designs under the name ifania®, lives & works in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   

    Influenced by the dramatic history, culture, architecture and landscapes of New Mexico, Ifania styles her bags to reflect the many colors and textures of her daily life. 

    Taught early to sew by her mother, Ifania began sketching and designing her own clothing as a young woman - creating her own wedding gown. 

    Ifania is self-taught in the art of glass fusion, creating colorful art glass in her own kiln.  She has also built a successful law practice while she and her husband raise two children.

    In the last few years, Ifania began making leather handbags for family and friends.  Experimenting with exotic leathers and colors, she has perfected hand-painting and hand-staining techniques for use with some of her truly unique products.

    With a keen eye for unique jewelry, Ifania began adorning her bags with beautiful antique Bolo ties, which can be removed and replaced with another Bolo. 

    In 2011, Ifania decided to turn her passion into a business.  Customers will be able to choose between soft earth tone leathers, hand-stained or hand-painted with luminescent colors and high fashion leathers paired with alligator & crocodile.  

    As her on-line collection expands, Ifania may even offer some of her art glass!

Model Rachel Smith