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Product Review October 7, 2013

Ifania handbags are so beautiful and unique and a  what a way to say how much you love someone with a Ifania handbag gift!  Or even just treat yourself!!  The handbags are so soft and luxurious you will never regret buying and will be the envy of all your friends!!   At Baroque Horse Magazine we did a photo shoot with one of the bags and we believe if we had sum up about Ifania handbags in three words we would say LUXURIOUS, STUNNING, UNIQUE.

About Ifania

New Mexico artist Stephanie Ifania Landry (ifania ®) styles her unique luxury leather bags to reflect the dramatic lands and cultures of New Mexico, from the beautiful mountains of northern Taos to the multi-cultural heritage in Santa Fe to the enchanting bosque preserve in Albuquerque.  Ifania creates her handbags and travel collection by starting with raw leather and working with a broad palette of colors hand-applied to create exquisite old-world textures and designs.   She pairs her sensual handbags with jewels made by southwestern artists. All of her bags are all leather inside and out. Her “Butterfly clutches” double as a wallet, open flat, and are entirely of luxurious alligator (or crocodile if desired). Larger bags feature crocodile and alligator elements and are coupled with stunning jewels. Ifania also designs a more western line called her Bolo Trading Company® line. These bags are paired with vintage Bolo ties that Ifania has personally collected over the years. Each Bolo is absolutely unique and many are heirloom quality. She also creates alligator and crocodile cuffs and belts with the same originality she applies to all of her creations.  All of her creations are one of a kind.   

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Christin Miller's Review
Written by  on Monday, September 23, 2013
Handbags by Ifania

Crafted by New Mexico Artisans

I recently discovered a talented leather accessory designer on Pinterest, and I am excited to share her work with you. Stephanie Ifania Landry designs under the name Ifania® in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her mother taught her to sew at an early age, and Ifania began sketching and designing her own clothes as a young woman. Ifania is also a self-taught glass fusion artist, creating colorful art glass in her own kiln.

Over the last few years, Ifania began making leather handbags for her family and friends. Experimenting with exotic leathers and colors, she perfected her hand-painting and hand-staining techniques for use with some of her distinctive products. With a keen eye for unique jewelry, Ifania began adorning her handbags with beautiful antique bolo ties, which can be removed and replaced with another bolo.

In 2011, Ifania decided to turn her passion into a business. Her customers can now choose between soft, earth toned leathers hand stained or hand painted with luminescent colors, and high fashioned leathers paired with alligator and crocodile for their handbags. The Bolo Trading Company® Handbags featuring the removable bolos were the handbags I first discovered on Pinterest. I was immediately won over by the simple handbag styles accented with unique adornments.

Featured on the left is a small size (10" X 13") Bolo Trading Company® Equine Handbag by Ifania® ($1400) featuring two toned chestnut and midnight brown leather and a striking sterling and turquoise horse Bolo with matching tips signed by Mike Chee. I love the beautiful two toned leather on this handbag. It is perfect for Fall!

In the right is a medium size (13" X 15") Bolo Trading Company® Heritage Series Handbag by Ifania® ($1200). This handbag features luxurious tundra sheep leather accented with a vintage hand loomed Southwest rug, a vintage sterling and turquoise bolo, and a sterling and turquoise feather. This is my favorite Heritage Series handbag!

Below is a classic medium size (14" X 14") Bolo Trading Company® Equine Handbag by Ifania® ($1700). It is made from sumptuous chestnut brown leather accented with a highly collectible sterling silver horse head bolo with matching sterling silver feather tips signed by RW Beckwith. This handbag is simple and sophisticated, and perfect for the equine enthusiast!

Every Ifania® Designs handbag is hand cut and individually artisan made in the USA. Since each handbag is a one of a kind piece, they sell quickly, and these exact handbags may not be available. However, similar handbags with other distinctive bolos are available for purchase.

Visit the Ifania® Designs website to see all of the exquisite handbags by American artist Ifania®, as well as beautiful leather belts and wrist cuffs.

Bolo Trading Company Equine Handbag by IfaniaBolo Trading Company Heritage Handbag by IfaniaBolo Trading Company Equine Handbag by Ifania

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